FAVE 55: Curtis and Ashley's Destination Wedding in Tulum, Mexico

What an honor to capture the wedding day and festivities for my dear friends Ashley (Kienzle) and Curtis Lenahan. I met Curtis during eighth grade band class, and we went on to be good marching band friends and high school classmates. I met Ashley when we were both very little (our parents are best friends), and we went on to experience many camping adventures, church activities and dance sessions together. My worlds collided when I found out my friends were dating - and going to get married! 

It's a rare and special treat for me to photograph a wedding where I know the bride and groom so well, and even more rare to have my parents and brother in attendance! My family *enjoyed* helping me lug all my camera equipment through airport security for our very early flight out of the country. Ha!

I spent five days in all in the beautiful sub-tropical sunshine of Tulum, Mexico. There were plenty of notable experiences during this trip, but my favorite part was photographing this lovely couple on their big day. They are so comfortable with each other and with others, their laughter is contagious, and their love is authentic and uplifting. I hope that these photos tell you the story of their wedding day and help you experience just a bit of their flair and fun personalities. So, without further adieu, here are my favorite 55 photos from Curtis and Ashley's destination wedding day: